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Thank you for considering St. John Ambulance as your First Aid Provider for your event! Well-trained and well-equipped, St John Ambulance volunteers are at countless public events to provide first aid care when emergencies occur. By being there, St. John volunteers are “first on the scene” in the critical minutes until medical assistance arrives.

Did you know?

  • All of our Medical Responders are 100% volunteers. They are not paid for their service.
  • All donations for event coverage go directly into supporting training, first aid supplies and equipment for the volunteer groups.
  • Our 283 Volunteer Medical Responders provided over 30,200 hours of volunteer service at over 600 events in 2018.

How can you support and recognize our volunteers:

  • Check in with our volunteers
  • Complimentary food
  • Donation
  • Parking
  • Feature volunteers on your social media
  • A simple Thank You!

Please ensure your request is sent in to us as soon as possible to increase your likelihood of receiving our volunteer services.
We require a minimum of two weeks notice to provide coverage for events. 

All efforts will be made to ensure our volunteers are available for your community event, however, we operate on a first-come, first-serve policy based on volunteer availability.

Submission of the Event Coverage Request form does NOT guarantee first aid coverage. A St. John Ambulance representative will contact you for further details about your event and your requirements.

Although no fee is charged for first aid coverage, we do welcome donations. Donations assist in the cost-recovery of first aid supplies, transportation, volunteer training requirements and the general operation of our volunteer divisions.

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