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2023 EPIC Canadian & Sole Sisters Canada Day Weekend

This is the first day of the 2023 EPIC Canadian & Sole Sisters Canada Day Weekend.  Like last year, I couldn't add the second day in your system...  :-(    ( I tried both Firefox and Google Chrome) We have 3 races, plus kids over 2 days, Friday June 30th and Saturday July 1stStart and Finish is at the ball-field in Shubie ParkJune 30th - 7PM - 5K - Sole Sisters 5KJuly 1st - 8AM - Maple Leaf 10KJuly 1st - 9:30AM - The Canadian 5KJuly 1st - 11AM - 1K & 3K KIDS RUN DARTMOUTH racesI am guessing 450 ish in the first two, maybe 600 in the 5K and 2-300 for the kids runs. Last year you had 3-4 and it seemed to work fine. 

Events starting in June