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World Oceans Day Clean Up

We will be organizing a clean up of Bridgeport Shore for Worlds Oceans Day. It will be outdoors, there will be some knives etc on scene to cut ropes, but only committee members will have access to these. We will also have sharps containers (again only committee members will obtain these) and have signs made up to direct people from dangerous areas around the cliffs, as safety is of upmost important to us. The clean up portion will last approx 1.5-2hours with snacks/activities to follow. I discussed this with a member of st Johns Ambulance, I believe her name was Kim, at a volunteer recruitment fair last week. We discussed this event but I have not heard back so I thought Id send this off. I am a paramedic and will be on scene with our standard first aid kit, but would love to have st johns ambulance come out if possible. Only 1 volunteer is really necessary as ill be there to assist, but two would be great too !

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