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2019 motionball Marathon of Sport Halifax

The 2019 motionball Marathon of Sport Halifax will welcome 30 Teams of 10-12 participants for this is a multi-sport tournament in support of the Special Olympics Canada Foundation. Each Team will be joined by 1-2 local Special Olympics athletes and together they will compete in a variety of sports including soccer, football, basketball, boccee, soccer baseball, road hockey and more. This event is all outdoors at the Commons! Given the size of the space, 2-3 volunteers with their own supplies would be ideal so that we can have more of the space covered! While the focus of the day is about having fun and we do encourage the level of competitiveness to be at a minimum, we often have minor injuries - sprained ankles, jammed fingers, bruises etc. The items we tend to need the most are bandaids and ice packs! If you require any additional information please don't hesitate to reach out! Thank you!

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